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Why Tarot? 

When we are in the process of making a decision that can profoundly affect the whole of our life, we frequently experience moments of intuitive clarity which, when followed, provide us with the perfect course of action for our highest and best outcome. When that intuitive message... which frequently arrives softly and quietly... is overrun by the loud chatter of the conditioned mind, we experience stuckness, fear, insecurity and indecision.  With our energy split, our lack of clarity keeps us from taking the forward movement that our inner guidance provided. 


Connect with Your Inner Wisdom & Guidance 

Intuitive Life Readings are a powerful way to experience true confirmation of our own inner voice,  which is directly connected to Source...God, The Universe...Infinite Wisdom.  With this guidance comes heightened clarity, expansive personal growth and an undeniable state of Inspired Action. 

 Intuitive life readings 

Everything is Energy

It is possible to see and feel the energy surrounding any situation, circumstance, event, as well as outcomes to potential decisions and actions. Darice uses the symbolic images depicted within The Goddess Tarot and The Gilded Tarot decks to connect with you on an spiritually intimate and energetic level.  These tools allow both of you to more clearly see and interpret the energetic potentiality surrounding any question.  They help you dive deeply into a realm of heightened self-awareness and greater self-understanding.  As you work together through this beautiful medium,  Darice can help you consciously acknowledge your own intuition and become more intimately acquainted with the voice of your inner wisdom and inner-guide.   Together, you will reach a level of clarity, insight and understanding into your questions, experiences and decisions. 

Desire is Divine Communication.  Your Higher Self is Calling You Forward.

Experience coaching on a deeper, more spiritual level.

For clients seeking a more spiritual, ceremonial coaching experience, Darice blends her life coaching process with The Tarot. This unique coaching technique provides a profoundly deep and intimate journey of expanded self-awareness and self-discovery.