Transform your potential into performance...

& performance

into profits.

Transform your

Potential into


& Performance

into Profits.

Experience productivity coaching

with a holistic touch.


For 20+ years, Darice Johnston has empowered thousands of Real Estate Professionals and Solopreneurs to maintain a six-figure income and a more balanced life through becoming efficient, self-managed and self-aligned.

Are you a Real Estate Professional

  • challenged¬†with staying organized, focused and productive.
  • stuck on¬†financial roller-coaster and unable to create consistent income.¬†
  • feeling overwhelm¬†or disinterest in¬†your business.¬†
  • lacking¬†strong systems, strong habits¬†or discipline in¬†your day-to-day¬†sales process.¬†
  • experiencing a¬†break in work-life balance... working all the time or not working enough.¬†
  • knowing what¬†you need to do... but just not doing it.


A Solopreneur?


  • frustrated with having a¬†viable business model yet not¬†receiving a steady flow of income.
  • experiencing¬†burnout¬†from wearing multiple hats.
  • feeling challenged by a lack of clarity, time¬†or resource constraints.
  • having difficulty¬†managing your time or your energy, prioritizing tasks, setting goals,¬†or avoiding distractions.
  • finding it hard to balance the demands of¬†your business with your personal responsibilities and self-care.

I have the solutions you need to break through the resistance and experience new outcomes.


I am soulfully committed to the transformation of my client's businesses and lives.


My signature coaching methodology reaches well beyond the realm of traditional.

Our work together is focused on "getting you unstuck" from patterns, beliefs and behaviors that hold you in your current state of being.  This freedom opens up the flow of energy in your life to "LIVE NEW HABITS of Working, Thinking and BEing."

My discovery technique tends to open up immediate clarity to what has been previously misunderstood or unseen. Even our complimentary discovery conversation begins to facilitate an immediate shift within your perspective before our work together even begins.

My unique integrative coaching process then establishes an organic blueprint of concepts, tools and sales process flows that encourages your continued inspired action... and your expansion into your "what's next".

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