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Embracing Routine

Aug 14, 2023
embracing routine, daily routine, morning routine

Here we go! It's that time of year when we are solidly in the groove of getting back-to-school (aka back-to-routine).

On a personal note, my summer was entirely uplifting! I really allowed myself to enjoy relaxed mornings, later evenings and really focus on creating deeper connections with both myself and the people closest to my heart.

Prior to this "season of my life", when I no longer have young children at home and my schedule these days really is my own, relaxed mornings were a luxury I would have never indulged in. But this summer, I found myself spending lots of early-morning time on my patio, soaking in the beautiful sights and sounds of nature and enriching my heart and mind with reading, meditation, and my favorite... silence.

In all honesty, as much as I have enjoyed these warm months of balance and rejuvenation, I am excited to dive back into my professional groove! Happily, something within me shifted this summer... so while I'm ready to jump back into focused routine and a higher level of discipline, I also intend to continually cultivate this newfound vibration of ease that my body really loves. I know I will be more cognizant now to infuse the easier energy of the summer months into my daily way of BE-ing.

So.... as our back-to-school season winds it's way back in, do you find yourself resonating with the theme of "returning to routine and consistency"? Just as our students are gearing up to embrace more structured schedules, I encourage all of us to take this opportunity to refocus on getting organized, recommitting to our morning routines, and staying intentional with our time blocking.

Let's get back-to-business by embracing the back-to-school spirit! Harness the energy of this season to get back to routine, manage your precious time and energy, and provide exceptional service to your clients.


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