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How I Help You as Your Holistic Real Estate Coach

colorado real estate coach real estate agent coach real estate coach Aug 17, 2022
Holistic Real Estate Coach Darice Johnston on one of her online coaching session with real estate agents

Once upon a time, at the close of a popular and relatively typical real estate training seminar, the (aggressive a-type personality) trainer bottom-lined his message for his audience. With tremendous passion he declared, “ACTION TRUMPS EVERYTHING”. I could see about 10% of the room lean into that statement and feel energized and inspired by it. Their body language told it all. By drastic contrast, I could feel the balance of the room take a giant energetic step back.  (Their body language told it all, too.)

I knew in that moment there needed to be a different approach for the majority of the real estate professionals to help them step into action and make sustainable integrated changes in their business.

The blanket idea that “action trumps everything” does not take into account the emotional or energetic journey of the client as they are experiencing themselves in that moment.  So, while I agree that taking massive and immediate action is absolutely key to your success, I also know that agents who are already feeling stuck and blocked simply CAN’T take enough action to make up for their energetic misalignment. An effective coach must have the ability to feel or sense the blocks, bring them to light, and create an opening within you to help you empty out what is in the way of taking action to begin with.  This will allow you to release the efforting and struggle and support you to step into a space of taking action. 

I didn’t blame this trainer for not seeing the bigger picture. In our action-based society, our most natural first inclination is to step into immediate action to bring about change. Popular books, people, processes and systems promise us the results we seek through taking action-based solutions.  We jump into a DO-HAVE-BE mindset, concluding "If I DO something different, I will HAVE what I want and then I will finally BE more fulfilled."  So, we launch into action, even if the action feels "off", awkward, unnatural, uncomfortable or possibly even painful. If we succeed in sustaining the action over time, we do generally begin to experience a shift.  However, if the action feels efforting or draining we find ourselves unable to sustain it.  Inevitably we return to the old habits of thought and action that created our stuckness to begin with.  This cycle blocks our energy flow, reinforces erroneous beliefs about ourselves, and deepens frustration, self-judgement and anxiety.  It creates and perpetuates low-vibrational points of attraction.  

The cycle usually repeats itself... proving that while action is a critical component for experiencing change, it is not the first step of our journey.  Ultimately, this action-based DO-HAVE-BE model isn't transformational, and yet we find ourselves repeatedly stuck in its grasp.

When you are feeling blocked, that last thing you need is “the big stick”.   

The bottom-line here… is that taking action out of a space of alignment feels like efforting, and action that feels life "efforting" is ultimately life-draining.  Action that feels inspired is live-giving. When action feels flowing, easy, joyful and effortless… like breathing... you've arrived at Inspired Action.  This kind of action is sustainable, integrative and allows true transformation. 

My signature coaching methodology reaches well beyond the realm of traditional. I offer a a BE-DO-HAVE model that is tremendously effective in moving you into Inspired Action. Our work together is focused on "getting you unstuck" from patterns, beliefs and behaviors that hold you in your current state of being.  This freedom opens up the flow of energy in your life to "Live NEW Habits of Working, Thinking and BEing.

My discovery technique tends to open up immediate clarity to what has been previously misunderstood or unseen. My unique integrative process then establishes an organic blueprint that excitedly encourages your continued inspired action and your expansion into your "what's next".  My resources support you in opening up the flow of order, organization, discipline and new exciting levels of achievement and success in your real estate agent business.

Through an infusion of universal principles woven throughout your coaching experience, you will quickly:

  • Open up expansive new perspectives
  • Achieve heightened clarity 
  • Access your creativity zone 
  • Experience deeper states of self-worth and self-love
  • Develop powerful new habits that deliver you into that next level of you
  • Experience a heart-mind alignment break-through and achieve truly transformative results

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

So tell me, have you ever sought to achieve a new outcome in your business, but your coach seemed to have only one agenda, one script, one method they could not seem to deviate from?  Did you feel shut you down rather than opened up?  An effective coach will take the whole of a person into account including beliefs, behaviors, feeling, thoughts and desires rather than only prescribing one solution to achieve a goal.

How have different coaching methods either helped you push through resistance… or caused you to be in a state of even deeper resistance? 

Shoot me an email at [email protected] and let me know of your experience…I’d love to hear from you!

Remember that you truly are limitless.



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