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How I Can Be Your Best Real Estate Coach

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How I Can Be Your Best Real Estate Coach - Darice Johnston Coaching

Are you in the 90% of agents who need a different coaching approach to help guide you into experiencing new results?

Your life is multi-faceted... a myriad of interconnected and interrelated components: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, spatial and relational.  Your business is one small aspect of who you are. So when you feel stuck or blocked in one or more of these areas, you can seek guidance to open up the flow of energy, get unstuck and create new, more desirable results.

I am soulfully committed to the transformation of my client's businesses and lives. As your Coach, my work is to guide you into that space of Inspired Action.  To arrive there, we will walk together through a surprisingly swift process of self-awareness and discovery.  As we observe your beliefs, perceptions, language, current life-conditions and feelings, we can quickly identify your vibrational points of attraction. This is our starting point to move you from where you are to where you want to be. 

It sounds “like a lot”… but trust me, the process is quick and deeply effective. Transformation can happen in a single swift moment when you are open to it and truly ready. 

To achieve real transformation of habit in thought, word or action there has to be more to the picture then just about learning new concepts and using new tools.  There has to be shift in your consciousness.  You have to SEE how your beliefs are contradicting your desires.  You have to EXPEREINCE letting go of the old and making space for the new. You have to SEE yourself differently so you CAN take inspired action.

In our process, we will bump into old stories and patterns of thought... all which have kept you from taking consistent action and attaining your desired outcomes. We can quickly remove those blockages and begin to create new anchoring beliefs.  We will focus on shifting your vibrational point of attraction FIRST before ever taking action. It is from this space we can craft an action-oriented blueprint that feels organic, desired, and INSPIRED. 

When we arrive at INSPIRED ACTION, integration can occur and a true transformation can be experienced. 

As we tap into your true inner knowing and access your inner guidance, you move into a new experience of yourself and therefore of your business.  When you are energetically "lined up" with your desired outcome, you are propelled toward taking consistent actions that are alignment with your desired results.  This is my BE-DO-HAVE model of coaching… and it is truly transformational.

So… are you my ideal client?  The real estate professional who I can be most effective in supporting can say yes to the following questions.

  • Are you spiritually grounded and open-minded?
  • Do you want to be in greater Flow in your life and in your business? 
  • Are you ready to look at your life honestly, and are you willing to shift your perspective of yourself in order to effect change within your business?
  • Do you understand that to HAVE more and to BE more, you must begin by “emptying out” and let go of old worn-out habits, beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you?  
  • Are you also ready to empty out and purge the excess of your environment, get organized, efficient and be self-managed at a higher level?
  • Are you ready to begin engaging in daily weekly and monthly habits that will continually move your business forward?

If you resonate with my language, my context and my concepts, we can work amazingly well together to build a beautiful new experience of yourself, your lifeand your business!  You will experience a shift your consciousness and establish ease around the practical application of concepts and tools into your business practices and your ways of be-ing.

I have a multitude of services available to you.  My live offerings (both virtual and in-person) include: 

  • 1 on 1 coaching 
  • Group Coaching 
  • Annual Business Planning
  • Quarterly Business Planning 

…just to name a few. 

Today, I’m very excited to present to you my foundational course, The B.E. FLOW (The Business Efficiency Flow).  This is your launching pad into the balance of my other coaching and training experiences.  The B.E. Flow is now available as an online course!  You can work at your own pace, on your own time, and still have access to me, my tools and my resources to support you on your ever-expanding journey of your business.

My Value Ladder is specifically designed to let you drop in where you are comfortable and ready.  It helps you integrate what you have learned to ensure true transformation… which is ALWAYS about progress, not perfection. Each step allows you to dive in at the velocity you are most comfortable with and make monumental changes by implementing one thing well before layering in the next.

I am here to help you “Live New Habits of Working, Thinking & BE-ing.”  This is holistic endeavor, not a single task, because as we know…. it is not just about your business.  Your inevitable transformation may take some time.. or your shift can happen very quickly.  It may take courage to walk step-by-step through the process, but you can trust that your incremental, integrated changes will ultimately lead to monumental shifts in your life and your business.  

I’d be so honored to walk your journey with you! 

Wouldn’t it feel empowering to work with a coach who understands your context of life and who can effectively guide you into new habitual ways of working, things and be-ing? Someone who can help you identify and work through the patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck or blocked?

Send a note to me via email at [email protected] about what you need most in your coaching experience. How do you need your coach to show up for you?

You truly are limitless!



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