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The Real Estate Agents who I LOVE to Coach

best real estate coach real estate agent coach real estate coach Aug 20, 2022
The Real Estate Agents who I LOVE to Coach - Darice Johnston Coaching

In my real estate coaching program, my greatest joy is working with heart-centered, spiritually-minded real estate professionals. Let me share a short but powerful story with you told to me by one of my clients, Sarah. She is a top-producing real estate agent, and well-tenured in the industry.

Sarah and I met when I was presenting to The Leadership Academy of a local real estate board… a group of professionals who are aspiring leaders in the real estate industry. I was presenting on “The BE-ingness of the Leader”, providing the group with supportive concepts and organizational systems that would help them refine the qualities and habits they needed as they stepped into their leadership roles while staying focused on their real estate business.

Before Sarah and I started coaching, she had spent most of her days stressed, rushed and anxious. Her energy and attention was constantly split on tasks, both professional and personal. Overall, she felt a sense of inadequacy and lack.

She wanted to feel satisfied, balanced and present with her business as well as at home. She had low self-worth, had few boundaries and many misconceptions about needing to work harder and longer in order to achieve her goals.

To help Sarah out of the space she was in, I evaluated her business and then prescribed a few of my systems and processes to help streamline her real estate business. I also helped her see herself as capable and confident.  Through our coaching, Sarah became aware of her limiting beliefs. Our work together helped her become deeply centered in herself which significantly improved all the obstacles she had been facing for years. One of the biggest concepts she learned to practice was the principle of ”slowing down to speed up” – recognizing that as she stopped to really to look at what was not working, she would be able to create systems of her business to maintain buoyancy, support upward growth, while exhibiting grace and compassion for herself.

Sarah told me that she was intrigued by the processes and systems I shared in that initial presentation to The Leadership Academy. She wanted to learn more. She also didn't realize it then, but looking back, she realized that my energy was very appealing to her,  and that my language and thought process resonated with her heart and mind. She knew we were a fit because of the way she felt around me; comfortable and inspired. She knew I was very trustworthy and that I was able to hold space for her on her journey. 

In Sarah's words, her coaching experience provided her with “significantly increased happiness and fulfillment in her personal and professional life.” Today she is more organized, more conscious, and has more ease in establishing positive boundaries.  She is more grounded, more confident in herself personally and professionally, and much more at ease. Both her income and her life-balance continues to increase year-over-year.

I was honored to hear that Sarah felt that our coaching literally transformed her as a whole person. She is calm and present in daily life the majority of time now. She also believes she is effecting her family and friends in a positive way through the work we have done together.  What a powerful experience – to see the changes within herself and how that changes have positively influenced both how she relates to both herself and the most important people around her.

How gorgeous is that? 

So…. taking a moment to check in with you. What chapters of YOUR story are you ready to re-write?  What habits of thought, beliefs, patterns, or actions (or the lack thereof) are getting in the way of you building a profitable real estate business?  Of achieving the income you need for the lifestyle you want and DESERVE? 

Do you know you deserve your desired level success?  Do you feel worthy to receive it? 

I’m here to remind you that you ABSOLUTELY deserve every beautiful thing the universe has to offer you, simply because you exist. You don’t need to earn it.  It’s already yours! You just need to line up with it and LET.IT.IN. 

Email me at [email protected] – I’d love to hear your thoughts about any parallels you see in Sarah’s journey!



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