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The Spiral

Jul 20, 2023

I am in constant awe of the degree to which we can keep ourselves stuck. 


So...I want to send a little inspiration your way today to remind you of exactly just how amazing you are.  You don’t have to settle with stuckness. You can break through... and BREAK FREE!


Friend, if you are simply not putting that big beautiful heart of yours consistently into your real estate business right now... then you may be feeling stuck.  If you are stuck in your business, the likelihood of you feeling stuck, blocked and overwhelmed in other parts of your life is very highly likely.  Take a moment now to check in with yourself.  Where is life are you not functioning optimally?


It’s easy to get stuck and stay stuck in a downward spiral once negative thoughts and lower vibrational energy “has you”. In fact, regardless of how centered you are when you start the day, any given moment can bounce you out of ease and focus, and right into overwhelm. But will you spiral up… or spiral out? Your degree of self-mastery (that which is your ability to manage your emotions) determines how quickly you can get yourself back on track…both in your business as well as in your life.



If this stuckness has been lingering for some time, you have probably landed in a real rut. You may need some new perspective, new tools and some objective guidance to help you out if it.


As an established life-coach to real estate professionals, I’m here for you!


But if this stuckness is a relatively new occurrence, and you've been feeling it for a day, an hour, a moment in time... there are a few things you can do right now to regenerate your energy quickly and get yourself back into a place of ease, focus and inspired action.


Regenerate Your Energy!

  • Take a walk or sit in nature. Let those feet feel the earth below you and use your five senses to ignite the present moment. Feel the subtle energies within nature herself, and express gratitude for the exact moment you are in. Breathe.
  • Listen to music and sing or dance. (Yes… I've been caught dancing in my living room at 4:00AM when I've needed to shake off some stuck energy!) Music and movement are always a fast and gratifying way to move into a happier, more grounded,  more productive state.)
  • Check in with your body. Are you dehydrated? Hungry? Tired? We get so focused on our activities that we forget to check in with our body and make sure it’s needs are tended to. Take a moment right now to "give to yourself first before you continue giving yourself away" to others who you are in service to.
  • Do something you absolutely love to do. It can be physical or mental. The trick here is to DO ANYTHING EXCEPT the one thing you are feeling stuck in and resistant to doing. Don’t try to push through it.  Instead, divert your attention away from "it" and return to it later. You can break through the stuck energy by getting yourself back into a space of ease and alignment BEFORE you "re-tackle” what has been causing the stuckness to begin with.

It's not uncommon to find ourselves, all-day-every-day,  giving our time, attention and energy away to others. I can speak from experience that when we start noticing this imbalance, and then we begin to give ourselves what we need to get back to center again, we can quickly regenerate our body, our mind and our energy. 

When we care for ourselves at a higher level, our BUSINESS will be served at a higher level, too. 

Here's to your wonderfully wild success!

Love, Darice




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