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Vibrational Reality to Physical Manifestation: Your Thoughts Shape Your Reality

holistic real estate coach real estate agent coach real estate coach real estate coaching real estate coaching services Jan 08, 2024

WOW! We finally made it to January 2024. I am excited and grateful for the renewed energy I am already experiencing! (Can you feel it too?)


Last year was quite a whirlwind. For many real estate professionals, it was a painful year of stress, self-doubt, and financial concern. For all of us, I think it's fair to say it was a year of tremendous introspection as we explored the level of authenticity by which we live our lives. The depth of commitment we have to our profession was also revealed as our resolve was tested while navigating this dynamic world of real estate sales.


I was thrilled to see many of my clients thriving... one having had her best year yet topping $400K GCI! Other clients felt fortunate to break even. Some were unusually down in spite of their level of expertise or tenure. There was a heightened amount of pivoting and strategic consideration that had to happen in order to just keep the energy flowing in our businesses, which for many felt like a monumental task. I had feedback from so many agents that the majority of business that DID come in the door last year just seemed "harder"... with strange scenarios, tougher negotiations and heightened emotions for both buyers and sellers.


There were a lot of unforgiving circumstances.


So... true to my coaching nature, I must ask you about the silver lining! What did you discover about yourself, your inner resolve and your mental and emotional strength from walking through 2023? What new skills, broader perspectives and stronger mindset are you bringing with you into 2024? I'd encourage you to take a moment to be reflective about who you've grown into as a result of your 2023 journey.  (Self- acknowledgement is gorgeous!)


For your contemplation....


Which of these statements are true for you?

  • I am waiting for conditions outside of me to change so my business can be different.
  • I am the cause of what is happening in my business, and I take action to make my business what I want it to be, regardless of the conditions outside of me.


Are you looking at your real estate business with feelings of inertia, a lack of excitement, or have no interest to "be the cause of what is happening?  If so, then what comes next in this paragraph is meant for you:  you may be so focused on your "action journey" that you have forgotten, or perhaps never even knew, that you and your business exist FIRST in a vibrational reality before it ever becomes a physical manifestation.

We need to work with the energy, first.


What vibration are you holding in your body?

Are you holding, through your focused mental attention, the energy of purpose, clarity, drive, excitement? Or are you holding the energy of anger, fear, disinterest, inertia?

What you are thinking about and focusing on in your mind (your mental body) is what you are powerfully pulling toward you in your physical reality.


So, how do you shift vibration?


It starts with awareness of your thoughts, which are viscerally felt in your physical body.

For example: Take a moment right now to breathe.... and then focus in the word "peace". Recall a scene in your mind when you felt the sweetness and calm of a memorable peaceful moment. Hold that memory for just a moment or two. Notice how quickly you can begin to feel the vibration of "peace" in your body. Continue to hold that feeling as long as you wish.Enjoy bathing in the beautiful vibration of "peace"! The longer you hold the feeling, the more power you give that feeling to magnetize to you other feelings and circumstances that match it vibrationally. 

We are now going to shift gears, For just a short moment, I will now ask you to focus on the word "fear". (Just by reading that word, you may have already felt a subtle shift in vibration.) Now, recall in your mind something you are feeling fearful of. Now, we don't want to give this much energy... but I want to make sure you see how quickly you will begin to feel the energy of fear in your body, and how that energy compounds and gets stronger the longer you hold that thought.

Ok... now move yourself back into the vibrational space of "peace"... though your focused attention on the feeling of "peace".


Here's the miracle of what you just experienced. I want to point out that during this contemplative exercise, nothing outside of you shifted. Not a single outer circumstance changed. But you inner experience changed simply by where you were holding your attention. All you did was shift your thought from "peace" to "fear", and you began to experience a new vibrational reality.... all felt in your body, and all of which is magnetizing more of the same to you.  It is Universal Law.


You Are Powerful

My beautiful friend, can you see just how very powerful you are? How your thought alone created a new vibrational experience simply by activating a feeling?

Understanding that YOU are your own powerful point of attraction is critical to shifting your vibrational state. YOU can clear unwanted energy, and create a new energetic experience, simply by focusing on WHAT IS WANTED. It's astonishing how quickly we feel that shift - it's nearly immediate, isn't it? Once that shift is felt, you can continue to nurture that feeling and consciously create the next moment, and the next, and the next to be as you want it to be.

When you feel stuck and unmotivated...

1) Take a moment to stop, breathe and intentionally feel your way into the energy of "ease".

2) Hold the vibration of "ease" in your mind until you embody that feeling. (Or in other words, until you feel the energy of "ease" in your body.)

3) Take action by doing one small thing you need to do today for your business while still holding that feeling of "ease" in your consciousness and in your body. Notice how wonderful it feels to be in action from a space of "ease"... vs. "pushing through" or "efforting".


Continue to consciously practice this throughout the day, you will begin to feel filled with renewed energy. You will open up the flow of positive energy, greater appreciation, expansive opportunities, and a deeper sense of self-love.


You are POWERFUL! I invite you to BE THE CAUSE of positive change in your business this year - more intentionally than you have ever been before. Let's welcome in 2024 with a fresh new perspective on what is possible for us in this new year... and in excited anticipation of attracting an avalanche of health, wealth, and Love.




Love from Your Coach,

Ready to get "un-stuck"?




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