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What I Do as a Real Estate Coach

colorado real estate coach real estate agent coach real estate coach real estate coach colorado Aug 16, 2022
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How different would your business look if you could:

  • ELIMINATE feelings of overwhelm
  • ​MANAGE your ENERGY and your TIME more effectively 
  • Establish CLARITY of WHAT IS WANTED 
  • ​​​Jump start your PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY
  • Create ORDER and ORGANIZATION in your day and your processes

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. The condition of your business, your home, your finances, your relationships are all reflections of where your thoughts, energy and attention is (or is not) flowing. 

What are the conditions of your business trying to show you about your life? 

I established myself as a coach for real estate professionals in 2005 while still employed as a title sales executive. In my sales position I realized I had a strong and innate aptitude for assisting agents to amplify their sales by increasing efficiencies. My intention was to help my agents sell more real estate by getting them organized and reducing their time and energy expenditure on administrative functions. Many of my agents, who’s experience in the industry spanned across all levels of time and tenure, would experience a 100% to 200% increase of closed business within the same calendar year, and then frequently similar growth year-over-year.  The results spoke for themselves. I was soon facilitating small group and large group training classes and writing my book UNLOCKED, Revealing The Eight Secrets of Highly Efficient Sales Professionals.

I’ll never forget the day I knew that coaching was woven into the fabric of who I am.  I was working privately with an agent who had been diligently establishing her sales efficiency processes, but who was continuing to struggle to take action in her business. Recognizing her frustration, I deviated from my normal routine of talking about what she needed to be “doing”. Instead, we dove deeply into looking at her desires for her life as well as her beliefs about herself.  They clearly contradicted each other. “This is why she is so stuck”, I thought. I knew that if I could help her see herself differently, we would be able to break through her resistance and get her into action. That day we stayed laser focused on discovering her beliefs about herself, her life and her business.  Forty-five minutes and a handful of tissues later, she experienced a major breakthrough. I could see the opening of awareness as it happened.  It flooded her face as her eyes lit up from her internal shift in perspective.   Tears continued to flow as she stated, “I really AM capable of succeeding in this profession.  I couldn’t see it before…but I can see it now! Thank you. You’ve literally changed my life”.

So at age 35, as a single-mom of two young daughters, I soon thereafter I quit my job and ventured out to build my coaching practice.  With no savings, no benefits, no formal education, I dove in headfirst. All I had were my innate skills, my desire to love on people and a vision of who I wanted to become.

Then something happened that would change everything...

As my personal journey would have it, I would be self-employed “on and off” for five of the next twelve years. Each salaried position arriving at exactly the time my impending financial demise was on the horizon.  It was inside my most grueling corporate position (which broke down my body, mind and spirit) that I realized I was literally breaking my own heart by not giving myself to my business.  Why was I able to powerfully influence others but unable to “commit myself to myself”? After this heartfelt self-inquiry, I began to wake up to the deep-seeded beliefs that were stopping me from stepping in. 

Here’s what I realized:

As young as I can remember, when in his states of frustration or anger, I was frequently told by father that I was “worthless and stupid.”   Naturally, my young moldable mind came to believe that I was not deserving, not capable and not worthy. For decades I struggled with low self-worth.  While I saw incredible worth and potential in others, I could not see those qualities in myself.  I could not see them because I did not believe they were there… which meant that I could not let them into my experience.  Instead, I saw myself, and everything I related to in my own life, through the negatively conditioned lens that reiterated to me I did not deserve happiness.   That I was not intelligent or capable. That I was not worthy to receive.  

These beliefs haunted me and stopped me from living. 

Until, very suddenly, they didn’t. 

Everything shifted for me when I finally invited my spiritual life to light up my business path.  This moment of awakening that would change my life, forever.  Once I could see my limiting beliefs, I was able to feel deep compassion for myself and my father.  I broke through nearly five decades of major resistance.  In that moment, I was able to blend my KNOW-ing into my BE-ing, and my perspective on my business shifted almost effortlessly.  I had released and emptied out. 

So, my story has a happy ending… which of course, is really a brand-new beginning.

I began the practical application of spirituality into my own business practice. I also excitedly dove into my course material and started connecting the dots between spiritual principles and my already time-tested-and-true business efficiency processes.  By infusing universal principles into my content, I personally experienced, and regularly witnessed, an even deeper integration and transformation for myself and my clients. What was already effective over all these years was now amplified because of the new context through which I was coaching.  We were all experiencing an even greater shift in “living new habits of working, thinking and be-ing.”:

Nothing feels as amazing as breaking through resistance! 

Do you have disorder in your mind,  your environment, your systems and processes? Are you stuck in a rut from limiting beliefs that are lurking and preventing you from soaring? Can you relate with my ah-ha moment.. or are you craving to experience one of your own?  

Let me know where some of your pain points are. I am always an email or call away! You deserve to breakthrough your resistance and consciously create a profitable real estate business and a beautiful life!




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