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What is Holistic Real Estate Coaching?

real estate coach real estate coaching real estate coaching services Dec 04, 2023
what is holistic real estate coaching

With the holidays in full-swing, and a New Year on it's way in, I wanted to offer up a few thoughts.


Ahhhhhh....December! This month ushers in so many opportunities for social connection, celebration, and quiet moments of appreciating the beauty and festivities, family and friends surrounding us.


In the realm of personal and professional growth, December is also a month well-known for business planning and New Year resolutions... inviting us to clearly define and call in our dreams and aspirations for our future.


As we welcome in our final month of 2023, I want to invite you to take a moment to pause, breathe, open your mind and begin reflecting upon the "new you" you are intending to bring into the New Year. Consider your answer to these questions for both your life and your business in 2024:

  • What are the small changes and large shifts you are seeking to experience?
  • What are you willing to let go of?
  • What are you ready to call forward?
  • How do you want to BE different in the new year... and why?


If you want to experience true transformation in the New Year and in years to come... having a heightened self-awareness around the intrinsic connectedness between yourself and your business is essential.


Enter in.... Holistic Real Estate Coaching.


You & Your Business Are One

As an entrepreneur, it's essential to become aware that you and your business are one. They can not be separated. In fact, you are so intrinsically connected to your business that the very health of your businesses is frequently a perfect reflection of “the whole of you”. When you are not healthy in mind, body or spirit... your business is impacted.


This is why I take a holistic approach to coaching my clients. I help you see the connection, or the disconnection, between your whole self and your business. Then, I empower you with the insight, skills, tools and solutions you need to achieve and sustain a perfect alignment between the two.


As a holistic business coach, I work closely with my business clients both personally and professionally. Together we dive into a deeply integrative, transformational coaching experience that goes well beyond "traditional". Together we ensure that your business aspirations align with your life’s objectives. This empowers you to step into INSPIRED action... action that feels expansive, exciting, authentic and aligned.


It is from inspired action that real transformation can be experienced.


Create a Life & a Business that You Love

Your real estate business is not just about transactions and profits. It's about achieving professional excellence and creating an abundant, beautiful and fulfilling life for yourself and the people you love and care about.


When I guide you through our coaching process, I invite you to elevate your thinking. Simply put, your focus can’t just be about “the numbers” or "the actions". Of course, it's essential that you have clear-set goals and intentions... but what happens when you're not taking the action? "Darice, I know what to do. I'm just not doing it!" I help take you from stuck, blocked, and overwhelmed to focused, flowing, expansive.


When we look at the whole of your personal and professional development, within the context of achieving a new level of success in real estate, we can more clearly see what is possibly impeding you. From there we can create a roller-coaster free income, up-level your lifestyle, enjoy greater balance, create financial serenity, and ensure the overall health of yourself and your business, to experience real transformation of BE-ing.


I'm here to empower you to develop a business that not only maximizes your financial potential but also supports your holistic well-being... ensuring that you intentionally create a harmonious and sustainable real estate business and a lifestyle that you absolutely love.



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