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Darice Johnston, a Holistic Real Estate Coach

Are you feeling stuck, blocked or overwhelmed in your real estate business?  Are you frustrated, exhausted or even ready to throw in the towel?   In seeking support, have you been given advice and list of tasks and actions that don’t quite seem to resonate with you? Do you have a real estate agent coach that doesn't quite 'get you'?

If so... then WELCOME! You’re right where you want to be. 

Keep reading…

My name is Darice Johnston, I am a female entrepreneur, professional coach, published author, teacher, trainer and intuitive guide. I specialize in working with real estate professionals to get organized, become more efficient and integrate new habits of thought and action.  In my coaching practice, I'm  living my dream and am in full expression of myself. Everything I have accomplished I have achieved without formal education, financial support and frequently without emotional support. 

On a more personal note, I am 52 years old.  I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and grandmother. In my lifetime, I have experienced emotional neglect, religious oppression, clinical depression, an eating disorder, mental/sexual/emotional abuse, marriages and divorces, single-motherhood, poverty, homelessness, failing businesses, empty nesting, the debilitating illness of my father, and the deaths of my brother and mother.  (I am sure you can relate to a few…)  

But I must tell you. I’m a very joyful person.

The truth is that we all carry heavy baggage. Baggage crafted by our perspective of our life experiences and filled to the brim with fears, judgements and beliefs that both no longer serve us and actually work against us.  

As I began to wake up to (and step into) my own power and potential, I was able to rise from the ashes of my broken life of co-dependency, low self-worth, powerlessness and fear. I intentionally created a beautiful life of trust, connection, love and abundance.  Today, I feel expansive and emotionally free, and I know that my purpose on this planet is to help you experience the same.  I am here to relate to you, connect with you and to remind you of how capable and powerful you are. I am here to escort you into a life you love… where you feel “tapped in, tuned in and turned on”.  (Thank you, Abraham-Hicks!) 

How does one experience such a shift?  How do you create joy-filled life when you feel beat up and dragged down by your current life experience?  Stuck in your own unsupportive thoughts? Surrounded by unsupportive and even toxic people? Mired in old worn-out beliefs, damaging behaviors and debilitating emotions? 

You must first understand that everything is energy…and that an unlimited abundance of positive energy is available for you to tap into in every moment.  It is very literally waiting for you to harness it, and to powerfully co-create with it. 

To distill it down, experiencing the shift is all about allowing FLOW.  When we are in Flow, we experience a state of clarity, ease, peace, and an ability to bring ourselves back to center… even when life feels like it’s chaotically spinning out of control. Self-mastery is about opening up the flow of energy in yourself, your life and your business… and also understanding how to effortlessly navigate your way BACK into that flow when (life) ensues and inevitability bumps you out of it.

Everyone can achieve the state of Flow.  In fact, Flow is our natural state of being. Stepping into Flow requires us to “empty out”, which is accomplished by releasing that which no longer serves us. That can be habits, thoughts, beliefs and ways of being, as well as toxic relationships and the over-accumulation of “material things”.. anything that weight us down and stops the flow of energy in our life. 

As I called Flow into my life, it required me to be truthful with myself, see what in my life was not working and commit to creating a life that did. I had to BE the person who learned, and then lived, new supportive habits and principles that aligned with my highest vision of myself.  These habits and principles, even gently woven into the fabric of who I am, continue to usher me into my next amazing moment.  And then my next. 

So where are you relative to experiencing FLOW? Are you struggling to achieve your desired success in your real estate business?  Or are you struggling in other areas of your life because of the success you have achieved?  In either case, you have landed on a blind spot in accessing a state of Flow... and your highest potential... in life.  

I can help you FIND YOUR FLOW WITH YOUR BUSINESS, and I can help you FIND YOUR WAY BACK TO YOURSELF, which is where all of your power is. 

As a necessary side-bar, I need to come out of the closet with you.  The spiritual closet, that is. Since I was 18 years old, I’ve had an insatiable love affair with spirituality and how it relates to business. In addition to any business training or coaching I have personally attained, I actively study metaphysics, quantum physics, religious science, the tarot, meditation, mindfulness... and this is the short list.  I’ve immersed myself in a myriad of books and countless classes, lectures, retreats, seances, and shamanic journeys just to name a few. I take every opportunity that I feel resonate with to learn and experience a deeper and wider understanding of the flow of energy within myself and how it translates into my life, my relationships and my business. I share this about myself because it’s the MASTER KEY to our collective success.  My efficacy as a coach is found in the blending of spiritual principles and Universal Law into that practical matters of business.  It is the very reason my coaching methodology is highly distinctive and profoundly effective.   When you grant me permission to hold up the mirror and show you what’s lurking in your consciousness - the very programs that are running the scripts of your life and tainting the lens through which you see yourself and relate to others – you begin to wake up to the beauty and power that you innately are.  You begin to take different action, experience different results, and finally give yourself permission to create a beautiful life. 

My life’s journey has led me here… emerging as a teacher of Flow inside of my role as a business and life coach. I am committed to helping you move out of stuckness and suppression and shift the flow of energy in your business.  To show you how the energy moving in you, around you and through you relates to the current conditions of your mind, your body, and your business. To free you from worn-out ways of being and open the floodgates of abundance and love in all aspects of your life. 

Today, I have arrived at a pivotal point in my own business, and I’m so excited to share this moment with YOU!  With over 20 year of experience, having already worked locally with over 2000 agents in Colorado, I am now birthing my unique, ever-evolving real estate coaching and training methodology into the world in a more expansive capacity. What I have to share will help you to powerfully open up the flow of energy, abundance and joy in your business.  You will experience significant new outcomes and a whole new way of BE-ing in your business and in your life. I’m excited to share my message in a broader capacity and establish even greater support for my community of like-minded real estate professionals.  

But I’m getting ahead of myself...

So, let’s tune into YOU for a moment. Can you relate to my life’s journey?  Can you see where you are feeling stuck or blocked in your business?  I’d love to hear from you on WHERE YOU ARE in your business today vs. where you’d LOVE to be.  Below is my email, draft me a note so we can begin to get acquainted.



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